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goodluck and goodnight.

Tom December 11, 2006 Life

tap… tap… tap… raindrops falling on ground & roof outside my window, it’s a comforting sound, not one that I hear too often, but a plesant one. ? Sydney is a beautiful city, but when there is lightning and thunder over it, it becomes even more so. I’ve attached a photo (which I can’t take […]

New Post

Tom December 6, 2006 Life, Work

New Post eh? I’ve had this page open for two days on my computer but haven’t been able to put anything down. ? The second I do, I dont think its any good so I delete it. I think im losing any sense or any ability to do articlate myself. ? ? I used to […]

New Music

Tom December 3, 2006 Music

Anita has been telling me to listen to The Kooks – not too bad at all. Its the 70’s revival sound which im not a big fan of though. I’ve been listening to lots of 80’s music – downloaded the best of depeche mode which JUST ROCKS. Well, not all of it, but definately a […]

New Blog!

Tom December 3, 2006 Life, Music

Well yeah, new blog time, decided to start one up, old one is still at So year, listening to good music of late – been loving depeche mode! I’ve attached “Shake the disease” to this blog, listen its good shiz! anyways more editing to make this look better. download at here!

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