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Don’t Mean Jack

Tom December 30, 2006 Uncategorized

Don’t Mean Jack Listen up for once now girl, I moved the mountains moved my world Just to try and make you smile, but now it don’t mean jack Lyricism out the door, fuck this you yeah fuck it all I don’t know what to do with you Wish it didn’t come to this, rehab […]

i’m back!

Tom December 26, 2006 Life

Back in sydney now, yay! I really hate Canberra, really really hate it. So happy i moved away ^_^. Its soo good to be able to breathe air, without having your lungs filled with pollen, to be able to drink water, without it smelling like a swimming pool made out of mud. Lets weight it […]

New Ineternets

Tom December 23, 2006 Uncategorized

I churned away from Westnet to Exetel on Thursday. I’m now on a 8mbit/384k Plan, so roughly 5 times faster than what I was on before. The speed is really good, set up pretty quickly. Only problem is communicating with them. I hope the service is stable so that I never have to call them… […]


Tom December 23, 2006 Uncategorized

Ok, update for the brief time that I’m near a computer while im in Canberra. Last weekend, Betty and Richard came over and we went for a walk around manly dam and I cooked a Roast Lamb and a Pavlova for them it was lots of fun ^_^. This week, caught up on lots of […]

much pain yes?

Tom December 13, 2006 Life, Work

Soccer game today was AWESOME, the team played so well today. We lost 1-0 but it was the best game we’ve played all season. ? We had posession for most of the game, and almost all of the second half. i missed way too many shots too hehe. Before the game however, richard kicked the […]

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