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My router has a text editor

Tom July 25, 2011 Tech Stuff, Work

So I’m trying out the features in IOS-XR instead of doing the usual “conf t”… but found out you have several editors to chose from! RP/0/RSP0/CPU0:router#edit route-policy UPSTREAM-OUT ? emacs  to use Emacs editor nano   to use nano editor vim    to use Vim editor <cr> RP/0/RSP0/CPU0:router#   Editing the config via the terminal results in […]


Tom May 18, 2011 China, Life

I recently made a trip to Sichuan, one of the main purposes was to see some Pandas. We paid the RMB 1000 each, to hug the cub pandas (6 months) old, and it was totally worth it! The Panda’s were very calm sitting on our laps, until they stopped eating – then they’d squirm until […]

Leaving Comments

Tom March 2, 2011 Uncategorized

I’ve disabled comments on my blog unless you’ve registered to save the spam (a few hundred a day) If you don’t trust me, you don’t need to register! just login using your facebook details on the right 🙂

Galaxy Tab Dock

Tom January 14, 2011 Hong Kong, Mobile, Tech Stuff

I got the Galaxy Tab HDMI dock yesterday, works quite well, although saw this note included when I opened the packaging. It’d be great if this was truthful, but unfortunately the only way to upgrade your galaxy tab is via Kies. which is crap! Fail.

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