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BGP, Prefix Lists & ISPs/Carriers can be a bad idea.

Tom April 24, 2010 Tech Stuff, Work , , , ,

One of the most important things about building a network is making it scalable. The fact that it “works” now should never be an excuse for a poor design. In BGP, there are several ways you can control routes that are received from or sent to a BGP neighbor, prefix lists, IP Access Lists and BGP Community […]

Google Public DNS a Waste!

Tom December 5, 2009 Tech Stuff

While Google are attempting to be smart by offering DNS services to the globe – this will result in poor perfoamance for users unless they shape things up very quickly! All CDNs (Content Delivery Systems), including Google, use DNS to decide where to send users to a webpage. The decisisions done by the CDNs is […]

Foxtel Download

Tom October 4, 2009 Tech Stuff

Foxtel have finally got the next step and now include online content with their package. If you subscribe to Foxtel, you get free access to their online content based on your package and the channels you’ve selected. As I’ve got the premium package, I’ve got everything. At the moment, there isn’t too much included in […]

Screw You Logitech!

Tom May 20, 2009 Tech Stuff

So I’ve finally gotten to setting up the Harmony 525 I purchased (and got replaced, coz the first one was faulty), and the website is down. Routine System Maintenance Thank you for visiting our web site, we are presently performing system maintenance. Please try again later. Screw you Logitech and your incredibly non-intutative application! Its […]

Spam – Psyb0t

Tom April 18, 2009 Tech Stuff, Work

So the score is: Tom: 1 Spammers: > 1 🙁 So, we’ve been getting hammered by spam, bigtime. More and more users picking up what seems to be a virus or trojan and they’re spamming like crazy. Its been in the news that Psyb0t was out there, but hey, it didn’t say anything about spamming, […]


Tom April 15, 2009 Tech Stuff, Work

I really hate spam. Some changes done, we’ll see how they perform. I hate backscatter also. Going to work on a Nagios plugin to check delivery to remote hosts.

OSPF Super-Backbone

Tom March 1, 2009 Tech Stuff, Work

So even though I failed the MPLS exam, I’ve just taken on a project for network design, conversion from EGP running as EIGRP, OSPF over GRE tunnels and backdoor links, to a flat OSPF domain. While this design is mostly CE, I’ve needed to make sure I understand how all the PE routing works and […]

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