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Tom August 31, 2009 Music

Now.. this application simply rocks. What is Spotify? its an online music application, containing a huge music library. Simply type in the band and hit play. It streams it to your PC and uses 10% of your HDD as cache. The cache allows instant playback and no need to use internet resources to download the […]

Tom August 18, 2009 Music

And it’s beginning to get to me That I know more of the stars and sea Than I do of what’s in your head Barely touching in our cold bed Are you beginning to get get my point That all this fighting with aching joints It’s doing nothing but tire us out No one knows […]

Tom August 2, 2009 Life, Music

gave you this I.O.U today. it said “good for one galaxy.” once I build my rocket to the stars. we’ll fly away just you and me.

Tom July 22, 2009 Music

postcards on the floor but this pen can’t write lonliness no more. waking up all alone on the opposite side of the coast. roadside state of mind boulevard of broken dreams washed out this time after time I was lost and looking but knew I’d never find what is mine in a world that’s so […]

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