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Galaxy Tab Dock

Tom January 14, 2011 Hong Kong, Mobile, Tech Stuff

I got the Galaxy Tab HDMI dock yesterday, works quite well, although saw this note included when I opened the packaging. It’d be great if this was truthful, but unfortunately the only way to upgrade your galaxy tab is via Kies. which is crap! Fail.

Beijing, Day Two

Tom March 7, 2010 Life, Mobile

Day Two, went for a bus ride to the Great Wall. About an hour bus ride. The bus ride cost RMB4.80. Very cheap! About The wall is impressive. Though falling apart in some places, rebuilt in others, it’s still impressive! After the wall, we went to a lake called ‘back yard’ in English. It’s just […]

Hong Kong Airlines food

Tom March 5, 2010 Life, Mobile

After a 3 hour delay for my flight due to weather problems in Taiwan (notably an earth quake), finally gotten the chance to board, sit down, read the paper and have some bad airline food! 🙂 Now, airline food is never anything to be excited about, but the meal tonight was probably the least enjoyable […]

the $2 store….

Tom October 4, 2009 Mobile

…must be doing extra business today, as someone was pretty desperate to get their $2 deposit back from the trolley. Note – this was only about 500m away from the shopping centre, or even closer to a car park. The $2 must have been pretty pretty good.


Tom August 9, 2009 Life, Mobile

Activity Cycling Start time 09.08.09 11:54 Duration 1 h 19 min 44 s Distance 17.68 km Speed (average) 13.3 km/h Speed (max) 35.8 km/h Pace (average) 4 min 31 s / km Pace (max) 1 min 41 s / km Altitude (min) 3.5 m Altitude (max) 123 m So I managed to ride into the […]

a saturday ride

Tom August 9, 2009 Life, Mobile

Activity Cycling Start time 08.08.09 11:59 Duration 1 h 5 min 13 s Distance 11.31 km Speed (average) 10.4 km/h Speed (max) 33.3 km/h Pace (average) 5 min 46 s / km Pace (max) 1 min 48 s / km Altitude (min) 46.5 m Altitude (max) 115.5 m So this was a ride I did […]


Tom May 24, 2009 Life, Mobile

So I went for a Bike Ride today. Username peskey Activity Cycling Route Start time 24.05.09 15:12 Duration 1 h 22 min 5 s Distance 13.9 km Speed (average) 10.2 km/h Speed (max) 36 km/h Pace (average) 5 min 54 s / km Pace (max) 1 min 40 s / km Altitude (min) 71.5 m […]

New Bike

Tom April 18, 2009 Mobile, Uncategorized

So I got a new bike today 🙂 Rode it home from the store. It goes alright, has quite low gearing at the start, but once its going its fine. Gonna go for a longer ride tomorrow, will see how I go.

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