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Wii & Tasty Things

Tom March 7, 2009 Life

Michelle and Campbell gave me Mario Kart for the Wii for my birthday.. yay! We also at Tacos. (chicken ones!) and had Puffy’s for desert: Which is a custard filled cookie! they’re delicious.. but horribly bad for you im sure. When you buy them in bulk.. we noticed some excellent engrish on the box:

Australia Day +1

Tom January 27, 2007 Life

Australia day was good. Went with richard, betty, thomas, minty, nishan & his gf to palm beach. I cooked some meatballs which were a wonderful success. We went up to palm beach, I am now quite badly sunburnt 🙁 oh well. Weekend at home then!


Tom January 21, 2007 Life

saturday went to MSY in the city. Picked up a 1GB miniSD card for my phone for $23. I now have an entire season of south park & family guy on there for viewing on the bus. Neat. Julien gave me a call and came round. We went to the beach and played some beach […]

friday night

Tom January 21, 2007 Life

friday night was good. Went to the open air movies with betty, richard, anita, shirly & co. Was good, watched march of penguins, then anita, shirly her boyfriend & I went to the city, my lunch didn’t agree with me though, made it to the city and i had to get out of the car […]

Post ID 351

Tom January 11, 2007 Life

I don’t know what to put for a title of this, so “Post ID 351” will do, as thats the ID of it in the system. I’ve been having alot of trouble writing about this and it all so hard to decipher at the moment. Anyway I think just about everyone that reads this knows […]

i’m back!

Tom December 26, 2006 Life

Back in sydney now, yay! I really hate Canberra, really really hate it. So happy i moved away ^_^. Its soo good to be able to breathe air, without having your lungs filled with pollen, to be able to drink water, without it smelling like a swimming pool made out of mud. Lets weight it […]

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