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New Books

Tom June 21, 2009 Food, Life

I’ve been given two new books as gifts. The first “Cheap Eats 2008” in Melbourne from Ants: And the second “Fun with Pork” from Emerin, full of chinese recepies for pork. Gonna try one soon! Thanks Guys!!

Don’t have a Cowes man

Tom June 18, 2009 Food, Life

As part of the trip to Phillip Island, visiting the Pengiuns amongst other things, we stopped in the town of Cowes to have a break and some hot drinks from the cold weather. We ended up having some Devonshire tea: Well, it normally you have tea, I had hot chocolate. The trip to Phillip Island […]

Lets hug (mug) it out

Tom June 17, 2009 Food

Finally got to have a hot chocolate at Max Brenners when they weren’t closed or too busy to serve us. The mugs are excessivly cute and the hot chocolate is damn good. I was tempted to get the Belgian Waffles too, but had already eaten.

Healesville Hotel

Tom June 17, 2009 Food, Life

In passing through from the Snow: We passed through Healesville. It was about lunch time, so we decided to stop in at the Healesville Hotel for lunch. We decided to dine in the bistro, instead of the dining room, for a more relaxed lunch. I went for the steak, Emerin had the beer battered fish […]

Pure South

Tom June 17, 2009 Food

Dined at Pure South for a nice treat during my time off. Pure South is a resturant that cooks Tasmanian produce. Its a very well rated resturaunt and deserves it, without being incredibly high priced. As a little extra, you get a free taster, this one was a potato fritter with bacon bits & onion. […]

El-Bulli Spanish Tapas

Tom June 17, 2009 Food

In my trip to Sydney, I had dinner at El Bulli in Surry Hills. A Spanish Tapas resturant with a really warm atmosphere. The food was excellent and the service was pretty alright too. The chicken and potatoes were my favorite from the night. All in all, was a good night.

Cupcakes on Pitt

Tom May 31, 2009 Food

Seeing Betty’s blog with cupcakes from Cupcakes on Pitt, I can’t wait to go back there! They’ve got more flavours since i’ve been there last Damn.. 30 flavours.. im gonna be fat.. haha.

Box Hill Food

Tom April 11, 2009 Food

One of my favorite places to dine is Hong Kong Best Food Cafe, on Carrington road. The serves are redicilious, way more than I can usually eat and costs under $10.  My favorite is a Beef Hor Fun (pictured below). Service is usually quick, best to go with someone speaking cantonese for speedy service.

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