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‘Islam Food’ Kowloon City

Tom August 30, 2010 Food, Hong Kong

Went on a mini adventure today to Kowloon City for dinner. Kowloon city isn’t easily accessible by MTR so we took a bus which dropped us off at the Kowloon Walled City Park. A short walk through the park and we arrived. Anyway, cut the story short and just share the food! Shao-Yi: Beef Xiao […]

Glass Balls!

Tom June 9, 2010 Food, Hong Kong

A new Jusco just opened at the Megabox, quite near my office. Jusco sells mostly Japanese goods, one such thing is these Softdrinks using a glassball as the “cork” in the top. To open it, you push the glass ball into the drink! Interesting and neat idea, but maybe not worth the $10 a pop.

Wagyu @ Soho Hong Kong

Tom June 5, 2010 Food, Hong Kong, Life

REcently, not too long after a payday, a friend and I decided to splurge and go all out on some decent quality steak. This isn’t an easy thing to find in Hong Kong, well, I shouldn’t say its not easy, its just not cheap. There are many local options for steak, you’ll get it cooked […]

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