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Pavlova in HK

Tom November 7, 2010 Food, Hong Kong

At one place I don’t mind eating at in SOHO is called ‘Jaspers’ I’ve noticed they have pav on the menu but was always too full to try it. In my last visit, we kept enough room and it was worth it. Not as good as back home, but a very close impersonation!

Xi’an day two (snack street)

Tom September 5, 2010 China, Food, Life

One of the famous places in Xi’an is the ‘snack street’. This is a mostly Muslim area, with all the food in the uighur style, from western china. The food was all delicious, spending about RMB30 – ate like pigs! Photos are as follows: Meat Skewers – delicious! Amazingly delicious! Rice cakes(?) Chinese ‘hamburger’ – […]

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