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Personal Identification

Tom February 15, 2012 Life, USA

Don’t forget your ID. Doing lots of things here requires ID (bank account, post office, phone contract setup, etc) and rightly so. However, only form of valid ID here is my Passport, as I don’t have a Californian state issued drivers licence or ID. It’s a pain to always bring your passport, but don’t forget […]

Mobile (cell) Phone service in US

Tom February 12, 2012 Life, USA

Critical thing these days to get set up early is a local phone service. Many people have said this could be very difficult without a social security number, but its easy, just a $500 deposit is required. so, $1000 poorer (500 for me and my mrs). The deposit will be returned after 12 months automatically, […]

USA Visa’s Process in HK

Tom January 18, 2012 Hong Kong, Life, Work

Actually, should edit this title, the title should be more broad about US Visa’s anyway, but I digress.. To book appointment for the Visa consultation at the US Consulate or Embassay, you need to pay the Visa fee’s in advance.  Instead of paying through the Consulate website,  or as the process for Australia, or infact for Mainland […]

End of an Era

Tom January 18, 2012 Hong Kong, Life, Work

So, after nearly 6 years, it’s coming to the end of an era. I’ll be finishing up with my current employer  this week and leaving Hong Kong very soon. Time to think of a rename and redesign for the site.

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