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New Toy

Tom November 7, 2010 Hong Kong, Life, Tech Stuff

I got a new toy – and no, its not a tablet computer (yet). My new kindle is wonderful, with many books already downloaded and I’m more than half way through a very interesting book ‘Gweilo: Memories of a Hong Kong Childhood‘. Wonderful too for entertainment while I’m off my feet post-op.

Pavlova in HK

Tom November 7, 2010 Food, Hong Kong

At one place I don’t mind eating at in SOHO is called ‘Jaspers’ I’ve noticed they have pav on the menu but was always too full to try it. In my last visit, we kept enough room and it was worth it. Not as good as back home, but a very close impersonation!

‘Islam Food’ Kowloon City

Tom August 30, 2010 Food, Hong Kong

Went on a mini adventure today to Kowloon City for dinner. Kowloon city isn’t easily accessible by MTR so we took a bus which dropped us off at the Kowloon Walled City Park. A short walk through the park and we arrived. Anyway, cut the story short and just share the food! Shao-Yi: Beef Xiao […]

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