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Cormorant Fishing

Tom September 14, 2010 China, Life

One of the tourist things to see in Guilin and Yangshou is the Cormorant Fishing. This is a historic way of doing the fishing, the fisherman have tied the Cormorant’s neck so it cannot swallow large fish. The bird will dive into the water and get a fish, then come back to the boat and […]

Xi’an day two (snack street)

Tom September 5, 2010 China, Food, Life

One of the famous places in Xi’an is the ‘snack street’. This is a mostly Muslim area, with all the food in the uighur style, from western china. The food was all delicious, spending about RMB30 – ate like pigs! Photos are as follows: Meat Skewers – delicious! Amazingly delicious! Rice cakes(?) Chinese ‘hamburger’ – […]

Xi’an Short Holiday

Tom September 5, 2010 China, Life

A short trip to Xi’an during July with Brendon. We were very lucky to have met a lovely girl (Michelle), on the flight who offered to give us a lift to our hotel and show us around the city. With most things in China, everything is cute. After arrival, Brendon needed to get some money […]

Windows of the World

Tom May 31, 2010 China, Hong Kong, Life

Sunday 30/May left me bored so I thought “how about an adventure”. A quick look in my Lonely Planet book at Shenzhen, the neighboring city in Mainland China found “Windows of the World.” So I packed my Camera & extra battery, blew the dust off my passport and jumped on the train to SZ! After […]

Beijing Engrish

Tom April 13, 2010 China

Great bit of Chinese Engrish, or Chinglish, not to mention just hilarious to have at the urinal. The Chinese translation is a little bit different I’m told.  its closer to: “Taking one step closer will be a big step for our culture.”  🙂

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