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Pot calling the Kettle Black

Tom January 27, 2012 China, Hong Kong

There has been some recent growing problems between Mainland Chinese and Hong Kong people, with a recent video captured in the Hong Kong MTR of some mainland tourists improperly eating on the train and a response video by a mainland professor (visable here: – youtube deleted it as it promotes hate speech). While its […]

Taxes and Property

Tom August 16, 2011 China, Hong Kong, Life

I’ve been considering using my expanded disposable income since coming to Hong Kong and have been considering buying property. I’ve seen advertisements for on the Australia Network so decided to check it out and picked up this book. (From It’s a simple and fast book, but gives really good advise for you to […]


Tom May 18, 2011 China, Life

I recently made a trip to Sichuan, one of the main purposes was to see some Pandas. We paid the RMB 1000 each, to hug the cub pandas (6 months) old, and it was totally worth it! The Panda’s were very calm sitting on our laps, until they stopped eating – then they’d squirm until […]

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