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I recently made a trip to Sichuan, one of the main purposes was to see some Pandas.

We paid the RMB 1000 each, to hug the cub pandas (6 months) old, and it was totally worth it!

me hugging a panda cubUs with Panda Cub

The Panda’s were very calm sitting on our laps, until they stopped eating – then they’d squirm until the handlers gave them more food.

We spent some time in the research base, there’s quite a few adult pandas and some red pandas too, though the giant panda is the only one that gets all the attention.

We always joke that Chinese can sleep anywhere, this is true about Pandas – they’re really Chinese!
Sleeping Red PandaRed Panda
Adult Pandas EatingAdult Panda Eating
Sleeping Panda CubSleeping Panda Cub in Unusual Position

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