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Why a Kindle is a good investment in Hong Kong

In a general ranting with friends, I’ve formulated that its cost effective to keep a Kindle in Hong Kong.

My flat is approximately 402 sq ft (GROSS). When you consider NET size, its approximately 320 sq ft (less -20% from gross).

The value based on sale price of other flats should be around HK$2.8m.

Value 2800000
Square Feet ÷ 320
Per Sq Ft     = 8750

Now, we should consider that you can stack about 7 cubic feet onto 1 square foot, this gives us:

$ Per Sq Ft 8750
Cubic Feet ÷ 7
Price per Cubic Ft= 1250

On peak, you could fit maybe 10 books into 1 cubic foot, forgetting storage requirements (like a bookshelf, taking up valuable space), that gives you a price of HK$125 per book for storage. (forgetting any ongoing costs, just NRC for property/space storage).

This works out to US$16 per book. The average price of books on my Kindle is between US$2 to US$16. This is proof that space is more valuable than books! (in Hong Kong).

Now, can you justify this to a cost benefit analysis? Sure! Using the above formula, a kindle is around the size of one book, so storage fee is HK$125. Purchase price of a kindle is around HK$1000.

Once you’ve purchased your 11th Kindle e-book you’ve broken even on storage space and capital expenditures!

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