China, Hong Kong, Life, Tech StuffFirst book finished on my Kindle

First book finished on my Kindle

This is the first book I purchased and read on the Kindle.

I finished reading it today and loved the book. Although its set 60 years in the past, it’s given me a wonderful feel for the orient in colonial days.

I am constantly reminded that Hong Kong is one of the most expensive cities in the world to live in; but for me, touching on “going native”, as coined many times in this book, or at least partially going native is the way to do it.

The young boy in the novel, was constantly accosted by his father for being more Chinese than the Chinese. He would explore Mong Kok at the ripe age of 8 to eat 1000 year eggs from the Dai Pai Dongs, roam through the Kowloon Walled City and into Opium dens and hang out with Triad members.

I don’t consider myself to quite “go native” as much as this, with things changing so much in Hong Kong over the past 60 years, but there is a wonderful romantic ideal to this young boys story, making me feel jealous that I wasn’t here 60 years ago.

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