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Windows of the World

Sunday 30/May left me bored so I thought “how about an adventure”.
A quick look in my Lonely Planet book at Shenzhen, the neighboring city in Mainland China found “Windows of the World.”

So I packed my Camera & extra battery, blew the dust off my passport and jumped on the train to SZ!

After a 45 minute or so train ride and HK$40 or so dollars deducted from my Octopus, I arrived at the Lo Wu border crossing.  A quick scan of my thumb print and I’m out of Hong Kong!

This being my first land crossing between territories was interesting! Hong Kong Police sitting on one side of the line, Chinese Police on the other.

They get narky at you taking photos here, but I sneaked this one in. Lots of barbed wire on the Hong Kong side of the river. As part of the hand over agreement, the border would be maintained for 50 years – till 2047.  Will be interesting when that day comes.

This is the view back to the border crossing, you can tell how bad the pollution is, just in that 100m stretch!

Why Hello there Chinese Pollution!

If McDonalds is consistent around the world, there is one thing consistent in big Chinese cities. Pollution. The same gray colour of the sky.

A short stroll around and down the stairs to the subway, purchase a “Shenzhen Tohng” (their version of the octopus) and I’m on my way…

I sit down on the train, open my bag to remind me of the station name I need to get off at – but shit! I forgot my lonely planet book at home.  I take a punt, I knew it was near the end of the line and I picked right. About half an hour later and a random guess if it was the right train station I picked the one.

A big map outside the paid area of the station showed me where the park was – Exit I so I start walking.

Yup. This is the place.

It was a stinking hot day, hot and muggy, but overall I spent about 3 hours at “WOW”. Some Faves:

My photos are all online at:

Edit: What trip to China wouldn’t be complete without Engrish:

The flowers and tree’s really enjoy being protected!

No Dabbling!

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