Hong KongThe Breakup Club Premier

The Breakup Club Premier

As part of the Hong Kong film festival, I managed to get tickets to “The Breakup Club“.

The screening was the premier of the movie, not to be released for several months yet and was introduced by the cast and crew:

Cast introducing the Film

The film is a wondeful story and a surprisingly good film, which is something different for Hong Kong cinema of late. Its not up to the standards of a Chow Yun Fat film – but hey, thats asking a bit much.

Anyway – go see it when it comes out. The plot, while not a masterpiece, is still a nice story and something unique.

Also, while you’re at it, for another good Hong Kong Film, check out “Echoes of the Rainbow“. So far the best new movie I’ve seen this year.

I should be watching “Crossing Hennessy” soon, I hope this one is just as good too.

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