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Lamma Island

Today went over to Lamma Island. From the bumpy ferry ride from Central ($25) to Sok Kwu Wan.

The cloud cover quickly cleared and the weather improved.

We set out past a plethora of Seafood Restaurants, on foot towards Yung Shue Wan. Lamma is a very underdeveloped area, compared to the rest of Hong Kong or Kowloon.

Houses from the 50’s and 60’s seem to be the common place, even with new buildings styled the same.

Old Houses

The houses like this felt more like the rurual areas around Beijing! After a short while longer, came across this cave on the path.

Kamikaze Cave

The cave was said to have been used by the Japanese after the capture of Hong Kong.

They hid boats in the cave to be used to ram any other boats coming into Hong Kong.

We continued to walk around to Hung Shing Yeh beach where we stopped for lunch and a half hour break or so. After contiuning on, caught a glimpse of a great movie star – chow yun fat! At a resturaunt “the great wall BBQ”

Chow Yun Fat on Lamma

From here, we continued to the Wind Turbine.

Wind Turbine

There seems to be a lot of pride in Hong Kong people for their Enviromently friendly Wind Turbine. The problem is, this is the only one.

It wasn’t a windy day, but the turbine was still spinning nicely, according to the board display, it was producing about 60kW. The power production from Hong Kong Power is nearly 4,000mW.  Even running at full power (800kW), this single turbine cannot produce 1/4000th of Hong Kongs power, so whats the point?

Saving Power

One interesting thing though – seems, sorry to sound like a geek, but the giant spinning electromagnet seems to have thrown a bit of radiation towards my mobile phone! The photo got quite distorted!

After another 30 minute hike from here, we reached the remote side and took the ferry back to Hong Kong.

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