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New Post

New Post eh? I’ve had this page open for two days on my computer but haven’t been able to put anything down.

? The second I do, I dont think its any good so I delete it. I think im losing any sense or any ability to do articlate myself.

? ? I used to be able to articulate a sentance without any thought,these days its a struggle. I actually have to think about what i’m saying and if it’ll make sense before I start speaking.

More recent than not, i’ll think about what I need to say, say what I thiknk is right but realise its total gibberish as it comes out of my mouth. Am I losing my mind?

? I think I? need some time to turn my mind off, completely off, for a long time. Get rid of this stress so everything can be OK.

? I think one of the problems is that im trying to learn too much too. I don’t know much about the human mind, but does it have a limit to what it can learn? If there is, I think i might be at it, I’m learning more, but its getting harder every time.

I’ve been geting more and more tired too. Not tired physically, just mentally.

? Speaking of stress, work is getting to me. There is too much work & not enough me. Im getting pressured by everyone to do more work, but cant keep up.

? I’m hungry now. time to get something to eat.


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