Pure South

Author: Tom  |  Category: Food

Dined at Pure South for a nice treat during my time off. Pure South is a resturant that cooks Tasmanian produce.

Its a very well rated resturaunt and deserves it, without being incredibly high priced.

As a little extra, you get a free taster, this one was a potato fritter with bacon bits & onion.

Pure South - Potato Fritter.

I had the Porterhouse steak. It was cooked to perfection & taste to match.

Pure South - Porterhouse Steak with Creamy Mash

Julien took the Lamb.

Pure South - Roast Wild Clover Farm Lamb

And Emerin took the Salmon Salad

Pure South - Salmon Salad

A very nice meal, seated by the fire place.

Pure South

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