If you can’t stand the heat get outta the kitchen.

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What the hell is happening to the weather here!

It’s 33 degrees today in the middle of autumn.
There has been two earth quakes in the last month!

Hopefully it cools down soon, I’m hoping for a good ski-season!

I did a training session yesterday, it went quite well. Was scheulded for 60 minites, took 90 with questions, so I guess thats a good sign! I feel like i’ve nearly lost my voice from speaking though.

Anyway, this weekend, looking at ropes and shoes for climbing, some new joggers and maybe a haircut if the hairdressers is open, but i dunno about that. Maybe i’ll grow myhair a bit longer. I’m too lazy to maintain it though.

Otherwise, I’m ready to Wii lots this weekend ^_^

Random pics from near home

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Car On Blocks