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it’s not my fault, it wasn’t up to you.
christmas eve comes once a year and that will never do.
your image started fading, i closed my eyes to see.
tell me do you close your eyes for me?

now your door seems half a world away,
the price of gasoline is more than i can pay.
plus i don’t have a car i can call my very own,
i guess i’ll spend another night alone.

if i could say i’m sorry, who would i say it to?
besides apologies mean less than dirt to folks like me and you.
you know it’s true.
should i say too bad, or so what? what’s appropriate?
should i show it? call you on the phone and let you know it?

back at my house there’s nothing on TV.
the bathroom mirror casts confusing looks from me to me.
i watched you from a distance, for too briefly held you close,
i guess that’s just the way this story goes.

Australia Day +1

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Australia day was good. Went with richard, betty, thomas, minty, nishan & his gf to palm beach. I cooked some meatballs which were a wonderful success.

We went up to palm beach, I am now quite badly sunburnt :( oh well. Weekend at home then!

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Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @


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or just bullshit.

I think this one shows the latter.

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Having 4 energy drinks in one night isn’t good for you. =(

Weekly Charts

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This weeks charts taken from My
Goodshit, seeing nofx soon!

1 ?2 NOFX
2 ?1 Depeche Mode
3 ?1 All
4 ?4 One Dollar Short
5 ?3 Descendents
6 ?2 Mad Caddies
7 ?2 Los Capitanes
8 Less Than Jake
8 ?9 The Porkers
8 ?6 Bodyjar


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saturday went to MSY in the city. Picked up a 1GB miniSD card for my phone for $23. I now have an entire season of south park & family guy on there for viewing on the bus. Neat.

Julien gave me a call and came round. We went to the beach and played some beach soccer for two hours.

Manly BeachManly Beach
I cooked a roast and moose came over, it was very tasty ^_^ as usual. We hit the pubs in Manly, but we couldn’t get into the good ones – Julien was only wearing shorts =_=. It was pretty dead everywhere else too, went into the new brighton – only 5 people on the dance floor! GAY!

Going to go out next time in Manly – the pubs have lots of promise and the talent out tonight was FUCKING AWESOME, pity it was too quiet.

Peace out.

friday night

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friday night was good.

Went to the open air movies with betty, richard, anita, shirly & co. Was good, watched march of penguins, then anita, shirly her boyfriend & I went to the city, my lunch didn’t agree with me though, made it to the city and i had to get out of the car to bring it back up :(

Then walked through the city to find where ants and everyone was & waited at the maccas for them and went home after i found them again. Went home after that =(

oh well, i’ll go out next time!

Me & Ants

Post ID 351

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I don’t know what to put for a title of this, so “Post ID 351″ will do, as thats the ID of it in the system.

I’ve been having alot of trouble writing about this and it all so hard to decipher at the moment.

Anyway I think just about everyone that reads this knows this by now, but sally is getting married. Now this really shouldn’t mean much to me, considering the time its been since we actually dated and what had happened while we were dating
- but it still does…
When I found out, it was actually Katie that told me – a good friend of sally’s and a very short lived conquest of mine, I was in shock pretty bad. Katie said she knew if i found out a different way I wouldn’t have taken it as well as I did.

She was right about that. After fretting about it for a while, the best bit of advise I could get was that I should speak to her about it, so I did (this was not a smart move).

It turns out, she is still very much interested in me, to say the least. *sigh*. I don’t think she will last long in this marriage, if they even make it to the wedding day…